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Every Paramount window is hand-built with pride, professionalism and dedication to excellence. Hand-building each window means all our windows are custom-made. Our craftspeople can design and construct any sized window without delay or additional lead-time unlike other window manufacturers.

At each step of assembly, we check each component, from the initial raw materials used in the window's construction to the hardware to ensure it measures up to our high standards. All manufactured window products are independently tested for air and water infiltration, wind load and thermal performance as well as rigorous testing on insulated glass unit durability.

Paramount has supplied product all over North America. This includes homes in as far south as Atlanta, Georgia to northern extreme climates as found in the Yukon, Canada. As the first company in North America to develop a triple glazed sealed unit, Paramount has always prided itself in manufacturing window and door products that will stand up to a variety of environmental conditions.Your home deserves the quality, natural elegance and strength of a Paramount window.

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