Replacement Benefits

Nothing lasts forever, and as well built as any window or door may be, it will eventually have to be replaced. And whether it’s to increase your house’s energy efficiency or to improve its overall look, there are several benefits to replacing your windows and doors with Paramount products.

Out with the old, in with the new.

Depending on age and material, the windows and doors in your home may be warped, have unacceptable air leakage, broken seals reducing Condensation Resistance (CR), or simply lack proper U-factor, R-factor, or Solar Heat Gain Coefficient standards.


Replacing your windows and doors with Paramount products means modern energy efficiency and building standards: our products include certifications from Energy Star, National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC), and Canadian Standards Association (CSA), as well as others. Having these certifications means our products are industry standard (and often above industry standard), providing your home with quality and energy efficient windows and doors and saving on annual energy costs. They also look gorgeous.


Replacement: easier than it seems.

While replacing your doors and windows may seem like a daunting task- no one likes gaping holes in their walls- it can be a fairly straightforward renovation. Retrofitting - installing a new window or door into the frame of an already existing window or door - is less expensive than a complete tear out and minimizes the disturbance to your walls and trim. And with the majority of our products being suitable for retrofitting, there are few obstacles to replacing your home’s windows and doors.


ecoENERGY Retrofit: Receive a grant to reduce your energy consumption.

With a grant from Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), replacing your old windows with energy efficient ones is even easier. Under the ecoENERGY Retrofit grant program, property owners can qualify for up to $5,000 in grants for improving the energy efficiency of their home and minimizing their home’s impact on the environment.

Depending on which Paramount product, you may be able qualify for several hundred dollars worth of grants to replace your windows and doors.

For more information on grants available for your home, please visit NRCan’s website.

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