Maintenance Tips

It almost sounds too simple, but the most effective and inexpensive window cleaner is a mixture of water and vinegar. To wash your Paramount windows, mix ten parts of water to one part vinegar. After that, wash the mixture off with a lint-free paper towel or cloth. This solution works for both the inside and outside of your windows.

If you see there are faint streak marks left after washing, simply wash the window down with water.


Staining and Painting:
Properly applying the right stain and paint is very important to maintaining the look of your windows and doors. That's we recommend consulting experienced help before painting or staining Paramount products.

When painting or staining our products, however, there are a few things to remember:

  • All exposed wood must be sealed by stain or paint immediately after installation to prevent moisture penetration from exposure and bad weather.
  • Avoid painting locks, weatherstripping, and other functional components- this can affect their function greatly.

  • Paints and stains may contain solvents, which can dry and crack weatherstripping, which compromises the window’s ability to perform properly.



Preventing Condensation:

Condensation most often occurs when there's a difference between the temperature inside your home and the outside, causing water to form on the interiors of your windows.

Controlling the humidity level in your home will prevent condensation from forming on the interiors of your windows. If you start to notice condensation forming, the best option is to lower the humidity slightly, and notice if any difference is made. If not, continue to lower the humidity gradually until all signs of condensation are gone.

If your house is new, it’s important to note that new homes often release more humidity than older ones, as the wood and other materials used to build your home still contain moisture. After these materials dry out, you should notice the condensation go away.

If you notice condensation on the exterior of your windows, it’s normal. Not only that, but it’s an indication that your Paramount windows are performing as they should- by leaving the outside, outside.

For more information on how to prevent condensation, visit the Natural Resources Canada website.


Annual Window and Door Maintenance:
Annual maintenance is the only way to make sure your windows and doors continue to function well and look as good as the day you had them installed. Here are some important things to look for once a year:

  • Check to make sure all weatherstripping is still intact and not damaged by the weather

  • Examine the window’s interior and exterior finish for wear and tear.

  • Look at the outer edges of the window frames exterior: is the caulking and silicone still intact? Are there any breaks in the seal?

  • Check that the locks, handles and other hardware components are working properly.

  • Clean any sand, dirt, or dust from door and window hinges, and make sure to wash and clean your Paramount windows and doors when needed.

If you have any maintenance questions not answered here, feel free to contact us.

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